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Our purpose is to gently, joyfully, and at times humorously develop and expand one’s range of inner healing and wellness-building resources.

Who We Are

Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC

Dr. Dawn began her Chiropractic education in 2000. She has since achieved the highest level of certification possible in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care. Her ability to help others find greater connection within themselves has guided thousands in making significant & lasting changes in their lives. She has presented and taught at various public events, conventions and schools on the topics of NSA/SRI Care, Re-Organizational Healing, and Personal Change through body awareness. Among her more current passions are a deep desire to contribute to the liberation of humanity by moving from a mass consciousness of “ownership by force,” toward one that a more conscious “sharing of resources” becomes the baseline. She recognizes this level of involvement requires innovation, integration, cooperation and genuine care. She is personally dedicated to contributing to this vision through the influence of greater energy optimization and coherence within the nervous system, thereby liberating the bound energy required to sustain such a shift toward a more loving, vital humanity!

Among Dawn’s more current passions are a deep desire to contribute to the liberation of humanity by moving from a mass consciousness of “ownership by force,” toward one that a more conscious “sharing of resources” becomes the baseline.

Our Practice

Our nervous system magically transmits signals between our brain and our body, helps us interpret our environment, and influences our perception of life!  The quality and accuracy of those communications influence our perceptions, behaviors, structure, and how well we adapt to change.  Using advanced neurological techniques, we “upgrade” the ‘Human Operating System’ through increasing coherence.

As our nervous system is optimized, entirely new options for living become available to us!

Our approach is integrative and holistic.  We see symptoms as an indication that function and ease are impaired, much like the warning lights in a car dashboard.  If the structures and/or nerve signal flow is impeded, our function and feelings of ease are also impeded.

Our care focuses to sustainably raise our clients’ baseline level of health and wellbeing by enhancing the brain-body connections, thus improving overall body function and ease.  Further, our care ‘teaches’ the nervous system to sustainably release unneeded tension, and to turn potential “stress” into “adventure”!

The advanced approaches that we specialize in are Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), both part of the larger umbrella of “Re-Organizational Healing” developed over the past 30 years by Dr. Donald Epstein, DC., and further being developed and stewarded by a group of Doctors dedicated to high-level Mastery & outcomes for future generations.

These revolutionary techniques create new adaptive life strategies and increase self-perception of well-being.  A list of such Doctors offering NSA and/or SRI care can be found here:  Find a Practitioner

Graceful Waves Chiropractic is committed to serving the highest level Mastery of Re-Organizational Healing and Living, in order to build self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotions, and expression of the human spirit.  Dr. Dawn has been involved in the work both personally and professionally since September of 2000.  More on that in her bio…

It is our great pleasure to serve you – catalyzing access to higher energy levels, resourcefulness, grace and love through coherence in the spine, body, and life!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to gently, joyfully, and at times humorously develop and expand one’s range of inner healing and wellness-building resources.  Through gentle touch combined with focused attention to breath, movement, and energy, we engage in a unique process of discovery – becoming more aware of the relationships between our body and life.

In essence we develop greater inner cohesiveness, leading to more life energy, flexibility, expanded resources & available choices, increased perception of harmony, trust in one’s inherent wisdom, experience of wholeness, sense of interconnectedness, compassion, and freedom.

Our larger objective is a healthier, happier and more joyful Human Family!

Our Services

Graceful Waves offers several services…however the central premise of our care revolves around the principles and practice of Re-Organizational Healing(ROH).

Within the context of ROH, we also offer Restorative Therapeutics, as well as the more specific modalities of Somato Respiratory Integration, and Network Spinal Analysis Care.  For more information on these topics, click below, and also try our “Learning Center.”

We offer individual, couple/family, and small-group sessions revolving around life, body and somatic coaching, workshops, and day-long events.  We also offer Pain Integration Exercises (aka “PIE”) for those suffering with pain who want to change their relationship with it (often transforming the NEED for the pain in the first place, and empowering them with useful tools to help alleviate suffering).

Graceful Waves feels strongly that we all belong to ONE human family, and our business strives to reach as much of our “family” as possible.  Our ‘brick and mortar’ location is designed to be able to offer care and service for the majority of people.  By offering care which is highly specialized and opting out of the insurance reimbursement system (which is becoming increasingly complex and a MAJOR contributor to the rising cost of healthcare), we are able to keep our costs lower and thus our fees within reach of most people!

We recognize that for some, the cost of quality care may still pose a challenge at times.  Our way of extending ourselves to the range of population where cost is currently a barrier, is to offer not only FREE monthly workshops from Graceful Waves, but also our very special program “Project Liberation,” currently offered through the Tillamook Women’s Resource Center.

Finally, we also seek to serve those “high profile” individuals who prefer to receive EXTRAORDINARY care to help them optimize life at a high-level, while having access to complete anonymity during their sessions.  For these clients, we offer limited but exclusive on-site private access for them…and along with that privilege, the opportunity to generously contribute toward humanity’s wholeness through sponsorship of “Project Liberation.”

When we are blessed to have access to free available energy, and we respond by SHARING that with others, we are ALL Liberated.  Our business seeks to catalyze that liberation!

Re-Organizational Healing

For those who wish to receive a premier wellness-building service with results that reach far beyond standard restorative therapeutic care, we offer Re-Organization Healing (ROH), our specialty.  ROH lies at the juncture of healthcare and personal development, and seeks to improve the lives of people well beyond restoring or ‘fixing’.  A ROH practice leads and sponsors our clients into a life of greater energy-richness, meaning, purpose, and growth that far exceeds the energy-neutral or ‘status quo’ standards that so many are accustomed to.  This service is a fit for those who want to create sustained levels of high life quality and performance.  We work with clients who choose this service not only more intensively, but with different techniques which may involve personal growth/coaching components, and at our highest level of current wisdom.

Re-Organizational Healing’s greater purpose eventually moves beyond the individual and into the community/world by creating such personal energy-richness that one’s individual surplus spills out into the energetic field that connects us all, thereby creating free & available energy to uplift humanity.

This is a premium service and is non-billable to insurance because it seeks to bring clients far beyond restoring/correcting and symptomatic relief.  However, because this is our true specialty and passion, (and our billing/administrative costs are also reduced), we are able to offer this service at rates which are affordable for most!

Restorative Therapeutics

Simply put, restorative therapeutics helps to RESTORE the body’s function from states of dysfunction back toward what would be considered ‘normal’.

Function (i.e. bending, lifting, ability to move freely, basic muscle strength, flexibility of the spine and body, unrestricted range of motion, and basic bodily function free from dis-ease or impairment is addressed with restorative therapeutic spinal care.

Graceful Waves Philosophy 101:  Pain is often one (but not the only) indication of function being ‘off.’  If you DO have pain, that is one warning system of the body that something is amiss!  In fact, pain is often one of the LAST things the body does to get your attention, and is also one of the first things to disappear once function and ease BEGIN to be addressed.

The Purpose of Pain is to interrupt the life we are currently living, and get us to do 3 things:

1.  STOP

2.  Pay attention

3.  Do, feel, or make a CHANGE!

On a scale of available ENERGY, pain often happens in the process of moving toward “Energy Poor.”  When we are energy-poor, we often feel like we are barely able to survive.  We may feel like there is no help available, and despair.  Or, we’re emotionally reactive (or over-reactive).  If we’re energy-poor, we aren’t very flexible and want to avoid change (which in an energy-poor state we interpret as stress rather than adventure or variety).  When energy-poor, we often feel like victims of circumstance, or that others or the world are “out to get us.”  We’re often defensive.  We isolate ourselves.  We don’t seek community, even if community may be our best medicine.

When we move from energy-poor to energy-neutral, we often use the mind to create stories, which bind energy.  They may not be fulfilling, but a story stabilizes.  Many people would rather get a cancer diagnosis than live with the uncertainty of NOT KNOWING what is ‘wrong’.  The story itself brings them out of energy-poor.

Restorative Therapeutics Care at Graceful Waves:  In our office, care than we offer can help RESTORE FUNCTION, thereby bringing someone from energy-poor to energy-neutral – sometimes very quickly.

There is a saying that goes, “God comforts the afflicted…and afflicts the comfortable!”  In Restorative Therapeutics, most frequently “comfort” is brought to those who are already afflicted.

To give a symptomatic & tangible example – it’s common in our practice for someone to start care with a history of headaches (i.e. 2-3 or more a week) for YEARS, and within days or weeks of beginning care they are headache-free!  Often, the source of the pain is coming from structural/postural or otherwise physiological causes, and our gentle yet effective Chiropractic care is an exceptional tool for helping to address those things quickly.

And, as you’ll read in “Reorganizational Healing,” there is SO much more available!!!

Project Liberation

We believe that as long as some of us are bound, none of us are truly free.  Our mission extends far beyond those we serve directly at Graceful Waves Chiropractic.  We wish to contribute to the liberation of humanity, and the movement from “ownership by force” toward a more synergistic “sharing of resources.”  In order to have greater influence on liberating the range of human experience, we believe it’s important to reach both ends of the spectrum.  One representation of an ‘end’ of the spectrum are those whose current resources – including financial – have been compromised, and the grace of a true “gift” may help unbind or liberate the energy needed to springboard into a more resilient future.

For this reason, for many months Graceful Waves Chiropractic offered a FREE monthly “Liberation” program through the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center, gifting a certain segment of the population with our most premium care, time, and resources.  This helped provide a valuable resource of care for women and families who have taken a step to move beyond the shackles of abuse, and toward a life of greater freedom, empowerment, trust, and harmony.  After many months, we paused this program to re-organize our marketing and sustainability strategy for sharing this resource with the community.  We are currently looking into becoming a provider working in conjunction with another non-profit organization, but providing care FROM OUR OFFICE, with the care being partially subsidized!  We hope to launch this program in the FALL of 2018!!

Private Clients

One of Dr. Dawn’s passions is serving those who serve and influence others.

There is a limitless sea of unbound available energy, and we know how to tap into that field, liberating the bound through the unbound!  For those who prefer to receive and touch the EXTRAORDINARY to optimize life at a high-level of performance while having access to complete anonymity during their sessions, we offer limited but exclusive private access.  Please contact us to make arrangements.

Nearby Manzanita (among other local towns like Canon Beach and Falcon Cove) are beautiful destination spots to stay while receiving a session or series of sessions and/or intensive private coaching and care with Dawn.

As part of the privilege of receiving this private access, we ask our high-profile clients to consider a generous sponsorship toward the expansion of “Project Liberation.”  Your contribution beyond our base fee can make an enormously positive impact on the lives of MANY people!  (We would also be happy to recognize you as a sponsor – either publicly on the website and/or privately to the actual people who are benefitting through the program.)

When we are blessed to have access to free available energy, and we respond by sharing that with others, we are ALL Liberated.  Our business seeks to serve you while also catalyzing that liberation!

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    If you are interested in getting out of pain or experiencing more of the best that life has to offer, I encourage you to experience the graceful integration of Dr. Dawn’s skills in enabling you to achieve your health and wellness goals!

    Dr. Brian Duby, DC

    Portland, OR

    A perfect pocket of ease and calm in an otherwise stressful week. Thank you thank you. Love you.

    Angelina Rose Martin

    Wheeler, OR

    I first came in because of frequently occurring headaches. I thought my first session was different, interesting, and slightly weird because it is a different approach to spinal adjustment than I was used to. Since beginning this care, my improvements have been: I only experienced one headache in a month. Before it was 2-3 a week and I feel much better, less grumpy. I would tell others with health concerns that I had bad headaches and now I don’t. It is worth a try!

    Lance Waldron

    Nehalem, OR

    I just have to write about how amazing Dawn and her care is! I have never had such amazing results in such a relatively short time from any modality. I have improved posture, reduced or even absent back pain, and increased ability to move forward in my life. Network spinal and SRI (the modalities Dawn uses) are helpful for not only physical pain or mobility issues, but also emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. Fabulous! And Dawn is warm, committed, loving, kind, present…as a healer myself I know when someone is “with” me or not – and she always is!

    Elia Seely

    Nehalem, OR

    In late 2011, Dawn encouraged me to begin Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI) care to address long-standing health issues. I believe working with her is one of the most important health care decisions I have made. I strongly believe that my health and well-being depend on connecting deeply and well with my spine. The proof is in the results and I am proof that NSA and SRI can change your life. Since I started working with Dawn, I have discovered a deep love of exercise and I have a daily exercise routine that is joyful and challenging, I shifted my diet, I rescued a dog who is a bright light in my life, I made the leap to a new fulfilling, fun job, and I’ve lost 100 pounds. NSA and SRI have also alleviated my lower back pain and improved my posture. I think of Dawn’s work as transformative medical care, and am so grateful to be able take care of myself in this way. Dawn is a wonderful guide and partner on the journey to better health. If you are looking for a way to transform your life and body, I strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs!

    Denise Lofman

    Manzanita, OR

    Our Latest Entries

    We Need Your Help

    We are in a process of BUILDING a new EXTRAORDINARY Wellness Center in Wheeler, OR – which will be the future home of Project Liberation! There is a GAP that MUST be bridged to complete our building! By helping to fund this campaign, we are pledging the next 5 YEARS of Project Liberation Services! Read on – and thank you for SHARING and GIVING GENEROUSLY!!! We cannot do this without your help! <3